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Crash Test Results

There are other organizations throughout the world who also crash test vehicles. Each organization’s test results are generally for vehicles sold in its respective country or region. Note: Vehicle specifications, and therefore crash results, may vary between countries. As such, comparing test results from different countries should be done with care as there can be differences in the testing protocols and rating systems as well as the vehicle model itself.

1. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS): IIHS is an independent, nonprofit, scientific and educational organization dedicated to reducing the losses -- deaths, injuries, and property damage -- from crashes on the U.S.’s highways. The Institute is wholly supported by auto insurers. IIHS conducts a frontal offset crash test, a side-impact crash test, a low-speed rear bumper test and rates head restraints.

2. Euro NCAP: Established in 1997 and now backed by five European Governments, the European Commission and motoring and consumer organizations in every EU country, Euro NCAP has rapidly become a catalyst for encouraging significant safety improvements to new car design. Euro NCAP conducts a frontal offset crash test, a side-impact crash test, a side-impact pole test and a pedestrian impact test.

3. New Car Assessment Japan: The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, in cooperation with the National Agency for Automotive Safety & Victims' Aid (NASVA), tests and evaluates the safety of automobiles currently on the Japanese market. Test results are publicly released under the title New Car Assessment Japan. NASVA conducts a frontal crash test, an offset frontal crash test, a side-impact crash test, braking tests, a pedestrian head test and child safety seat performance tests.

4. Australian NCAP (ANCAP): Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) is supported by Australian and New Zealand automobile clubs, various government agencies and the National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NMRA) Insurance Group. ANCAP conducts a frontal offset crash test, a side-impact crash test and uses the same test protocols as Euro NCAP.

Detailed Crash Test Reports

    There are three ways to get more detailed information on crash and rollover tests:
  1. Via the U.S. DOT’s docket management system. Vehicle crash test reports from 1999 to present, and details of rollover ratings from 2001 to present, can be downloaded from the DOT docket at Conduct a Simple Search and use the following docket numbers:

    For detailed rollover rating reports (2001 to present), enter docket #8298.

    For detailed frontal NCAP crash test reports (1999 to present), enter docket #4962

    For detailed side NCAP crash test reports (1999 to present), enter docket #3835.

  2. Via NHTSA’s Research and Development web page. Accessible at This NHTSA Vehicle Crash Test Database contains engineering data measured for several NHTSA program offices involved in crash testing vehicles, including Research, the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), as well as Compliance. To view NCAP crash test data, ensure your search is limited to New Car Assessment Tests.
  3. Via the National Crash Analysis Center (NCAC). For a fee, all of NHTSA’s NCAP vehicle test reports and high speed films are available from George Washington University’s National Crash Analysis Center Library, Suite 203, 20101 Academic Way, Ashburn, VA 22011. Phone (703) 726-8236. Fax (703)726-8358.